Neuromesh to present at the MIT 100K finals!

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Neuromesh is excited to part of the 8 finalists presenting at the finals of the MIT 100K Launch competition!

The MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition is one of the largest and most famous business plan competitions in the world. It is entirely student-managed, students from all programs and levels at MIT organize and enter the $100K.

Neuromesh is part of the 8 finalists chosen from a pool of 100s of ventures that applied to win this prestigious award. If you’re Boston do come see us by registering for a ticket here:

Neuromesh’s ‘unhackable’ architecture featured on CoinDesk.

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Neuromesh’s unique unhackable architecture was featured in prominent blockchain journal CoinDesk. In the article, co-founders Caleb Li and Greg Falco talk about why Neuromesh’s technology is unique and what makes it ‘unhackable’. Falco and Li also talk about how the blockchain enables Neuromesh’s secure communication.

NeuroMesh to represent US in Atos IT Challenge

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Neuromesh is excited to announce they will be representing the US in the Atos IT challenge. They were selected as a top 17 team from a group of 77. The current theme of Atos IT challenge is focused on the blockchain. Please click on this link to learn more.

NeuroMesh accepted to be semi-finalist in MIT 100K Competition

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NeuroMesh has been selected as one of the twenty startups at MIT in the 100K competition to prototype their product in the month of January. We will be aiming to build a baseline prototype on IoT devices.

Cybersecurity Links of the Day – 12-22-26

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1. Lithuania has found Russian spyware on their computers. Governments continue to be at risk of sovereign hackers.

2. Barnes & Noble has rooted their nooks with malware. The malware will collect users’ data and can use them for commercial purchasers. It’s been recommended to have all Nooks returned to B&N until the malware is removed. This type of behavior reminded me of the video games back in the 2000s with DMCA malware installed to protect copyright.