NeuroMesh is a managed security and intelligence platform for IoT and Industrial IoT devices. We have created a vaccine for IoT by repurposing malicious hacker weapons for good.

NeuroNode Endpoint Security is our light-weight (<500KB) vaccine that is installed at the kernel of IoT devices. NeuroNode offers anti-malware and firewall protection. NeuroNodes also collect traffic data to send to our NeuroCloud for behavioral analysis.

NeuroCloud is our deep learning cloud that analyzes traffic data from IoT devices. We have developed proprietary clustering algorithms on the TensorFlow framework to analyze for abnormal behavior. NeuroCloud monitors NeuroNodes in real-time and sends updated blacklists and malware signatures to the NeuroNodes.

Lightweight embedded software( <500KB )

Best-in-class technologies and cutting edge research

Highly qualified team of multi- disciplinary experts from MIT

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